The Microsoft Connect(); 2018 event is back – save the date!

Tuesday, December 4


Microsoft opens a new event with the name Microsoft annual Connect() 2018 conference.Connect(); is run by the developers for developers. Their main intention is Build the apps of tomorrow ,today;

By This event you can learn the Azure, Xamarin, XAMfor Girls

Here is the Application of Online Connect();

connect() gives you:

  •  whats new in visual studio,
  • Sustaining your software project: tips and tricks,
  • .NET today and tomorrow
  • Hands-on Azure IoT with Node.js and the MXChip
  • Artificial Intelligence for every developer
  • Java and MicroProfile: Building microservices in style
  • Five Azure services every developer should know

we find the agenda of the event once look the table.

8.30 Am 10 PMDemos,and more demos 
See Scott Guthrie and others demonstrate 
how Azure and Visual Studio help you to stay productive and focused on what matters to you.
10 AM to 10 30 AMBreak
10 AM to 11 30 AMFind your path to happy and productive development in a  demo-packed session hosted by scott Hanselmanand 
and guests. Learn the latest tricks for building your apps on 
Azure using best-in-class developer tools like visual studio or visual studio core.
11 30 AM to 5.30PMReady to dig into what you heard in the keynotes? Join live 
coding sessions on Twitch and Mixer to connect with other developers, join interactive Q&As, and share what you’ve been building with Azure.

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